Michael Necosso

Musician Artist / Entrepreneur


Michael Necosso (born August 23, 1984) is a musician artist, digital content creator and entrepreneur based in Switzerland. He started his music career in 2022, determined to introduce his own songs to the best clubs in the world, creating background music for the presentation of his own business ventures. Necosso started his adventure with music in 1999, performing the first remixes and recording DJ sets, of the most popular songs at the time. In the meantime, he continued his passion for music as a hobby, creating songs using more and more modern tools. A lover of music and creating club sets. A talented artist who conquers the club scene by presenting his music.

Necosso is making a noticeable impact in the music industry. Carving his own sound and style, the talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled club sound. Influenced by his life experiences and eagerness to combine business with music, Necosso seeks to create a style of music that will inspire listeners. His bass-driven productions and DJ sets paint a blank canvas that is rooted in experience. From hobby to life career, the Swiss artist is set to leave a lasting impact on the scene.


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